Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

  Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and the time to buy your loved ones’ gifts is quickly running out.  Okay… let’s just be honest, you’re a professional procrastinator (It’s fine, we just need that extra anxiety push, right!?). To me, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the love that you have in your

A Recipe Worthy of the Super Bowl: Taco Dip Appetizer

  You know what time it is!  It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday, the time of year when house parties materialize and fake Patriots fans come out to play (jk guys… but really, I’m just bitter about the Steelers loss still) *sigh* But along with football, comes delicious food and a free pass for cheating on

My Favorite Mediterranean Salad Recipe

  Hey guys! It’s that time of the week again… the start of the dreaded “It’s almost Monday” blues, where I say goodbye to Sunday Funday and think about everything that I have coming up in the next week.  After lists of errands, meetings, and other various tasks bounce around in my head, I remember

Six Resolutions for a Better You in 2017

  Hey Guys! Welcome to my first post and the launch of The Write Stuff. Oh, and Happy Wednesday! It’s January 18th, and we’re a solid two and a half weeks into our New Year’s resolutions… but, we all know that they’re not exactly the easiest to keep up year round. I always go super